See these twins that slay in matching outfits everyday (Photos)

They slay though!

It didn’t matter whether one sibling was older than the other, as long as your mother said so, you were going to wear the same outfit as your sibling – especially when going to church.

It was even more emphasized for twins. I mean, how else would twins dress? They look alike so it only made sense plus they looked cute.

As they grow older however, some twins usually feel the need to embrace their individuality which leads them to pulling away from dressing alike.

This however, is not the case for Nigerian twins Sayo and Jomi, who match every detail of their outfits, all the way down to their hairstyles.

These two women are all grown but absolutely love dressing alike – at least judging from their photos online.

I will be the first to admit that I do find it a little bit weird that they would want to dress alike intentionally but their style is so on point, it makes me want to change my mind.

Check them out below:

1.They dress alike when they go to church.

2.During weddings

3.They even match their swim suits when on vacation

4.Going out to the club is no exception.

5.They looked cute during their graduation.

5.They still slay in the same outfits when they hit the gym.

6.And business meetings as well.

If you had a twin, would you want to intentionally dress like them when you are older?


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