Ladies, would you get married in a bold colored Ankara gown? (Photos)

So stunning

In older generations, brides wore white dresses to signify virginity and the trend carried on to modern days. However, in recent times, brides who want to have a unique wedding are going back to their roots by having bits of African culture infused into their wedding ceremony. This is not just to pay homage to their roots but also to celebrate their culture. There are many ways that you can incorporate African culture into your wedding. You could for instance go for an African themed wedding in terms of either decor or dress code. Brides who go for Ankara wedding dresses wear them for the traditional ceremony and then go for the customary white gown for the church wedding. For other brides though, the Ankara wedding gown is their go-to even for the white wedding.

These days, there are no rule books when planning a wedding. You simply do what you feel will make you most happy on your big day. If you don't want bridesmaids, don't have them. If you want an Ankara wedding gown, wear an Ankara wedding gown. Wing it!

Since the Ankara wedding gown trend is catching up with African brides real quick, fashion designers are keeping themselves busy by designing Ankara wedding gowns to show brides how they would look like if they indeed chose to wear an Ankara gown. One such designer, Gesare Regalia, who actually happens to be a Kenyan living in Toronto, Canada is designing gorgeous African print wedding gowns for the modern-day bride.

One of the gowns that caught the attention of netizens was a Kente off shoulder dress that came with a yellow overskirt. The gown was modelled by Yazmin and RJ Donna. Yazmin, who ditched the veil, went for subtle makeup and a slicked back hairdo and statement earrings was perfectly complemented by the 'groom' who wore a navy blue suit, accessorized with an Ankara bow tie and pocket square. He carried a lamp as a prop as Yasmin carried her bouquet that matched the dress. Indeed, the models showed us how one would look like if they chose to get married in an Ankara gown and it's nothing short of sartorial elegance.

So, ladies, is this something you'd wear on your wedding day?


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