Bridal trends are changing as the years go by and it’s great to see weddings being done differently, be it bridal style or the ceremony itinerary.

And speaking of bridal style, we are seeing modern day brides going for more unorthodox styles such as colored gowns or even bridal jumpsuits as opposed to the traditional white dress.

In my opinion, a wedding is all about merging style and comfort. On your wedding day, you’ll be moving around, dancing and let’s keep in mind the wedding reception logistics. My ideal wedding is where myself, my bridal team and the guests are not having to hustle in terms of logistics when changing venues. My bridal style would be super comfortable while still being chic of course.

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Thanks to designers such as Kate Spade, now, brides who are all about style and comfort do not have to worry about wearing heels on their wedding day because? Bridal sneakers are now a thing. Would you consider wearing bridal sneakers on your big day?

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I don’t think there’s any reason not because first of all, if your gown is long enough, the sneakers will not be visible. Secondly, you will be mad comfortable and can get down to all those songs on your wedding day. Lastly, the bridal sneakers are not your average funny funny kind. They come in all designs from bedazzled and embellished sneakers to lace sneakers, to those with ribbon shoe laces and they’re all uber cute. Alternatively, you could wear the heels then swap them for the bridal sneakers for the reception ceremony. Many brides have done it before, the most notable being Serena Williams who swapped her regal cape gown look for a mini bridal gown and wore Nike bridal sneakers and of course, she danced the night away!

Check out some of the designs:

So, ladies, bridal sneakers? Hell yeah or hell to the no?

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