4 things you should never do after working out

Avoid these work-out mistakes in order to get the best results


These are some of the mistakes you might be making after your work-out and how they affect your your body.

Not stretching

Make sure that you stretch after a work-out. It will help you recover faster from your work-out.

This is good for your body as it keeps the blood flowing and your body recovers better. Take a walk even if you are not able to do the stretches.

Waiting too long to eat

Your body is in need of nutrients after an intense work-out. Make sure that you have a meal preferably rich in amino acids and carbohydrates no longer than 15-20 minutes after your work out.

Avoid eating too many fats though after a work-out because the point of a post work-out meal is to make sure that carbohydrates and amino acids reach the blood stream for distribution to the muscle cells as quickly as possible.

Not resting after a work-out

Sleep, sit down and relax after a work-out. Your body has been through a lot during a strenuous work out and for the work-out to be effective your body requires adequate rest for rebuilding to take place.

Avoid doing a lot of physical activity.

Not changing out of your work-out clothes

Exercise proper hygiene after working out.

That means changing out of your work-out clothes when you are done, taking a shower and allowing your skin to breathe.

This can help you to avoid numerous complications such as skin infections, yeast infections and acne.


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