Masturbation: Why women should put down that cucumber and pick better tools

It seems like you can't go wrong working with just me, myself, and I but plenty of women actually do not know the solo-loving techniques or haven’t even tried either cause of guilt or monotony.

Flipping the bean

Women, have a whole different situation going on down there, taking us a minute to figure out what to do unlike men who are born knowing how to master their shaft.

First things first, masturbation is HEALTHY. There is completely nothing wrong with the practice (despite what most women grow up believing). So set a sensual mood.

Secondly, do not use sharp objects- you will most likely hurt yourself, NEVER insert vegetables- they break.  You risk your life with a logged in cucumber in your vagina.

- Hand held shower head: it stimulates your clitoris, trust me. The jetting water is a friend to the clit.

-Visual: there is porn, so much porn. Plus erotica stories online.

-Spoon: No, don’t insert it into your vagina. Use the back part of the spoon and rub against your clit. You can use a bit of Vaseline to ensure it doesn’t hurt.

-Pillow: This amazing bed tool you can actually masturbate with it, the pillow can be a great prop to hit the big O. Its soft and easy available. All you need to do is rub it between your legs or even against your clitoris for a great orgasm.

-In front of someone: for some women, it’s a turn on to touch yourself in front of your lover. And as soon you get the water works flowing, sex can be so intense! Just focus on pleasuring yourself, not him/her.

Why you are masturbating in the first place is to have fun and get intense pleasure, your alone time should end in a body-shaking orgasm for you


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