10 habits that are making you hungry

It's the simple things that you do...

It is not that you are not eating enough but the simple things that you do or do not do that are causing you to be hungrier.

Plive.co.ke combined a list of some of the habits that could be making you hungrier.

1.Not eating enough protein

Protein kind of tricks your brain and stomach that they are satisfied so when you opt to not have any protein then you might end up snacking on junk thus packing on extra weight.

2.Eating a big meal before bed

When you eat a big meal before bed, your stomach expands to accommodate more food so that is why when you wake up the next morning, you tend to be hungrier.

3.Not snacking

A lot of people think that in order to lose weight faster, snacking is not an option.

What they do not know however is that when you ditch snacking, it could actually be making you hungrier and could end up slowing down your metabolism.

It is okay to snack during the day; if you are scared of gaining extra weight then opt for healthy snacks during the day.

4.Shopping on an empty stomach

A research done at the University of Southern California found that when people were shown photos of high calorie foods, the area on the participants’ brains associated with hunger lit up.

Whenever you go to the supermarket hungry, you may be tempted to pick foods that you are craving and most of that time, the foods end up being high calorie foods.

So next time you intend to go food shopping make sure you eat before.

5.Drinking to wind down the day

Alcohol has an inhibition-lowering effect that makes you eager to eat even when you are not hungry.

It can also disrupt your sleep, leaving you poorly rested and more prone to eating unhealthy snacks.

6.Looking at food online

There is a reason why food bloggers are killing it in the online community.

A research published in the 2016 Brain and Cognition volume, simply looking at photos of food can trigger your desire to eat.

We still love looking through those photos and videos though and it will probably be one habit that a lot of people will have a have a hard time letting go of.

7.Eating with unhealthy friends

Friends, especially those that do not really have the best eating habits, can influence the way you eat as well.

Try eating a snack before meeting up with such friends for a meal.

8.Not eating after working out

Always make sure that you eat after a work-out in order to keep your metabolism in check as well as avoiding severe hunger.

9.Eating quickly

When you eat quickly, your brain does not have the time to register that you are full meaning that you will be feeling hungry in two hours after having your meal.

10.Chewing gum

Artificial sweeteners found in a lot of types of gum can make you hungrier than before you started chewing.

When you chew gum, you are going through the process of eating – chewing, producing the saliva needed to digest the food but your stomach does not get the signal that it is full.


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