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6 amazing uses of milk at home besides drinking it

They are more than you thought


What you probably do not know is that besides using milk to make your tea, drinking it or adding it to your meals, it has many more uses. And these uses do not in any way involve consuming it.

Check out these amazing uses of milk at home:

1. Shine your furniture


Make a solution using milk and lemon and use it to give your furniture a glowing appearance. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and clean up your furniture with the wet cloth.

2. Clean your silver utensils

With time, your silver utensils can get stained or rusty. To clean them, soak them in sour milk for around 30 minutes before cleaning them with warm soapy water.

3. Shine your leather


Soak a clean piece of cloth in milk and use it to clean your leather shoes. They will get a lustrous appearance immediately.

4. Relieve bites

Insects and bug bites can be very irritating. To relieve the pain, make a mixture of milk, salt and water and smear it on the affected region. With time, the irritation will go away.

5. Removing stains

If you accidentally spill ink on your shirt, milk will help you a great deal. Soak the stained fabric in milk and leave it overnight. Clean it normally the following day and the stain will be gone. If the stain is really tough, you could add vinegar to the milk for easier cleaning.


6. For your skin

Milk is good for your internal as well as your external health. Cleaning your body with milk might sound strange but it leaves your skin feeling smooth. You can add milk to your bathing water or simply make a face mask for a soft and flawless skin.


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