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7 super chill weekend activities that don't involve alcohol

Alcohol free weekend maybe?


I'm not saying that drinking is wrong. But sometimes, we should do other things and actually allow our creative juices to flow by unleashing our crafty side over the weekend with DIY projects or even just relaxing and reading a book. This also allows the body to rejuvenate from all the booze you have been pumping into it. Many people assume that there is not much to do over the weekends besides drinking. But that's not the case. If you are alone, here are some of the things you can get up to.

1. Get crafty.

Do some DIY home projects such as turning wine bottles into candle holders using YouTube tutorials.


You've probably been meaning to give your room a new paint job or re-arrange the closet but you never have time right? Why not take some time off the booze and actually give your house a makeover?

3. Unleash the Gordon Ramsay in you and try out a recipe you've always wanted.

Use the free time to sharpen your culinary skills and learn to make a signature meal.


4. Write a letter to someone you love.

It's a romantic gesture and people no longer do that. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, appreciate them by taking your time to pour your heart out through a cute love letter.

5. Get involved in charity.

Visit a children's home and help out with the chores and spend time with the kids too. You could also donate some of the clothes and shoes and books and anything else you no longer need.

6. Treat yourself to a spa date.


When was the last time you treated yourself to a relaxing massage and a nice mani-pedi? Sometimes we work so hard that we forget to take care of ourselves.

7. Order in and binge watch your favorite series.

Get some take out and enjoy binge watching your favorite TV series or some quality Netflix and chill. The actual Netflix and chill lol.


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