Yes, spinach is good for you and your mom was right when she insisted that you should finish your portion. When it’s raw, it’s more nutritious and you will thus benefit more.

You are wondering how on earth you can chew raw spinach? You don’t have to go through that. Blend the spinach and just drink the juice. Easy, right? And of course, you could also add something like lemons to add to the taste of the juice.

Probably, your mom just told you to eat the damn vegetable without telling you the benefits. Let’s correct that right away. Check out some amazing benefits of drinking spinach juice:

1. Prevents anemia

Spinach juice(The Daily Meal)

Iron deficiency leads to anemia. You don’t want to get to that point whereas you can prevent it by drinking spinach juice. Spinach is so rich in iron and so long as you take spinach, no more risks to being anemic.

2. Good for pregnancy

Pregnancy Labour

Apart from iron which is equally good during pregnancy, spinach also has folic. Folic helps in the development of the fetus and prevention of birth defects. If you have to close your eyes tight for you to gulp it down, just do it. The results will be worth it.

3. Cancer prevention

Studies show that spinach, like other green vegetables, has the ability to counter the formation of cancerous cells. And since we all live in fear of cancer these days, trying something that can prevent it won’t do you any harm.

4. It’s good for the skin

Glowing-Skin(Black Girl Health)

Instead of chasing after every new fad that promises a flawless skin, why not try drinking spinach juice? You will be certain that there are no side effects and you will be benefiting in many other ways apart from achieving great skin. The antioxidants present in spinach promote healthy and glowing skin, plus, it’s also a great way to stay hydrated.

5. Healthy hair

Most people will try any new product that promises long and strong hair. Yet, very few will want to try something as simple as drinking spinach juice. Well, the results will definitely not be instant, but it’s an easy and affordable thing to do.

6. It’s good for your sight

Healthy eyes(Pulse Ghana)

So, carrots are not the only vegetables you should be eating for healthy eyes. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A and carotenoids that protect the eye from damage.