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A review of the Bomas of Kenya

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Bomas of Kenya

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About Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya was started by the Government of Kenya in 1971. It started as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya Tourist Development Cooperation (KTDC).

The Company was established to Preserve, Maintain and Promote the Rich Diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya.

It was also intended to act as a tourist attraction centre thus Bomas of Kenya is expected to preserve the authenticity of the Kenya’s Cultural values and to portray them in the pure form.

Bomas of Kenya is situated 10km from the Nairobi's Central Business District and about 1km past main entrance of the game-filled Nairobi National Park.


Different aspects of the rich Kenyan Culture are displayed at Bomas including living styles, crafts, music and dancing.

Meaning of the word Bomas

The word Bomas is derived from the Swahili word “Boma” which means an enclosed homestead and in plural it is referred to as “Bomas”. Bomas is therefore used to refer to many different homesteads, each representing Kenya’s various ethnic groups. All these homesteads have been conglomerated at the famous Bomas of Kenya.

Tourists get to view exotic traditional dances, acrobatic shows and also visit the various different traditional homesteads.

The dances and acrobatic shows start at 2:30p.m to 4:00p.m during weekdays. For the weekends and public holidays, the shows start at 3:30p.m and end at 5:15p.m.


The site is also home to an impressive auditorium, one of largest in Africa that seats 3,500 people to watch the internationally recognized Harambee dancers.


These are the prices that are charged at the Bomas of Kenya:1. Residents/East Africa

2. Non-Resident


3. Kenyan Citizen

Political Role

Bomas of Kenya is also significant to Kenyans because of the political role it has played in recent years.


Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (body mandated to conduct elections in Kenya) uses the Bomas of Kenya as the national tallying center when the country holds general elections after every five years.

The 2017, 2013, 2007 general elections were tallied at the Bomas of Kenya.

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4 out of 5


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