Different pumpkin recipes you should try

And it's not yuck


See, you are missing on a lot of nutrients by hating them-yet you may be the reason as to why you don’t like them. Because if you knew how to cook them, you would be eating them daily. Don’t believe it?

There are different ways to prepare pumpkins and there is no way all recipes can turn out to be yuck. Here are a few ways to make delicious pumpkins or rather make delicious meals using pumpkins:

1. Roasted pumpkins

Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and the stringy parts and cut them into large wedges. Sprinkle some olive oil, add salt and season to your liking. Pre heat the oven for around 400 degrees then bake the pumpkins for around 40 minutes. You will love the results.

2. Pumpkin soup

You will appreciate pumpkin soup during the cold weather-plus we all get tired of doing coffee every day. So why not try pumpkin soup and see how it turns out?

Get your pumpkins ready, onions, garlic, milk, cream, and the seasoning of your choice- some chillis would do if you like it. Fry the onions and garlic then add other ingredients you like such as tomatoes before adding large chunks of pumpkins. Let them simmer for some minutes and add water. Bring them to boil until the pumpkins are very soft. Under low heat, stir as you add milk or cream to add to the taste. Also check if the salt and seasoning is enough. If you want the soup to be very smooth, you can transfer it to a blender.

3. Pumpkin chapatis

We love chapatis but you will love them even more if you use pumpkins to make them. All you have to do is boil them and mash them well enough so that they will blend in easily with your dough. Your chapos will be sweeter and with an eye catching yellow color. This is a creative way to stock on the nutrients contained in pumpkins without feeling their taste.

4. Boil them

If all this doesn’t work for you, try boiling them. No seasoning, no oil and all that. Just water and salt. You can have boiled pumpkins for breakfast like you do with arrow roots and sweet potatoes.

We hope you enjoy it.


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