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Drive Safer at Night: Why Should You Have Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System?

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Driving is no longer a skill that one can show off about to their friends as their “special ability”. With the ever increasing population, and with it, the number of cars on the road, pretty much everyone has to drive nowadays. And the hours at which people drive are increasingly growing for night time. Us humans naturally have an under developed sight for viewing things at night. We need artificial aids to help us see better in our surroundings at night. This is especially true for cars which are equipped with high power lights for our benefit. However, even with all this development, we still seem to make a lot of mistakes at night. The number of accidents that occur at night are significantly higher in general simply because of our reduced vision.

While this situation remained a serious problem for the most part, things are taking a turn in recent years. Car manufacturers and drivers alike are starting to see the need for systems that can improve the driving experience at night. Having something that can enhance a person’s night time driving abilities would certainly be a godsend. And as it happens, such solutions are already showing up on the market.

High end cars and their night vision systems


While a typical cheap commercial car still lacks all the driving assistance features in it, companies making high end cars have already started providing basic night vision systems in their cars. A lot of luxury cars nowadays come with decent night vision systems that enhance the view of the driver. However, even after all that expense, what you get most of the time is a screen that doesn’t even display high resolution imagery. And the little image that you do get to see is also black and white instead of color. So one could argue what the purpose of spending all that money is if the features that are present are not even fully functional and comprehensive. In such a case, looking for third party solutions starts to feel like a viable idea.

How Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System works?

When you look at most third party solutions, you will find one thing that is common in all of them; they are either too expensive to give real value or they are simply too under developed. Countering this problem seemed to be an almost impossible task and yet, Lanmodo solved it for the better, and for good! The Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is one of a kind solution that brings the best of both worlds into a single comprehensive product. It is a solution that ensures you find great value for money without having to allocate a sky high budget for your upgrade. The best part? This system is universally compatible which means it can be fitted into most, if not all cars out there. Support for pretty much all commercially known cars and even some unique vehicles is present.

High-resolution display

One of the primary reasons why Lanmodo Vast is such a successful product is its display. Unlike most other systems, it runs on a huge 8.2 inch high definition screen that is capable of outputting 1080p resolution! This level of clarity is not present in most systems, and we don’t just mean the third party ones! Even many of the luxury car options don’t support this high a resolution! Lanmodo realized the fatal flaw of that approach and provided a large screen with a crisp display that ensures beautiful and clear view of the outside.


Wide-angle and long range

A night vision system is only as good as the amount of information it can provide and Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is second to none in that department. Not only does it have a wide 36° angle of vision, it also has an incredible visual range. At night the system can show imagery that covers a maximum distance of 300 meters! These specs are difficult to match for even some of the most high end systems in luxury cars! Such robustness for a cost that is practically next to nothing as compared to buying a luxury car is truly an amazing feat!

Robust display


Straight off the bat, the nit level of the display used by Lanmodo is also quite high. Lanmodo is a name committed to quality and that shows in the quality of the display as well. A lot of third party night vision screens are cheap and cannot produce the desired level of imagery and often become dim at night. The screen used by Lanmodo is bright and has crisp imagery that provides maximum amount of information in the dark. The color display also makes sure that you can better discern what you are looking at one the screen! Not having to decipher the images like one has to in black and white displays can make a big difference while driving!

The overall system is tested thoroughly and built to withstand all types of weather conditions! No matter if you are driving in a clear calm night or a rain day, the system will continue to provide the best possible imagery at all times!

The price at which you can get a Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System for your car is quite simply mind blowing. Not having to buy a luxury car just for the sake of better vision at night is in itself a pretty convincing argument. And when you added to that the comprehensiveness of the system and its affordability, buying it becomes a no-brainer! You can also get a $50 discount if you buy from the Lanmodo website. 

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