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Amazing facts about kiwano/thorn melon that you should know

You can eat the peels

Ripe kiwano(Specialty Produce)

How much do you know about kiwano? We bet you already know the wonders this fruit is capable of doing. Besides being so nutritious, horned melon is also believed to have medicinal uses.

With one kiwano going for about 20 bob in the market, you have no excuse to miss on the great benefits of this wonder fruit. You can check out on some of the kiwano benefits here.

That aside, the sole purpose of this article is to look at some more amazing facts about thorn melon as it is popularly known in Kenya. Below are a few:


1. Kiwano has several names depending on the region. It’s also known as horned melon, African horned cucumber, jelly melon and even hedged guard.

2. Its scientific name is Cucumis metuliferus.

3. Kiwano is native to Sub Saharan Africa.

4. It’s an important source of water in the Kalahari Desert during the dry season.

5. Its taste is best described as a combination of passion and banana.


6. It has a very long shelf life. Its average shelf life is about 6 months after harvest.

7. How to eat kiwano? All you do is cut it into halves and scoop what’s inside. The seeds are also edible.

8. The peel of kiwano is super rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

9. Kiwano can be consumed both ripe and unripe.


10. When kiwano over-ripens, it bursts out to release the seeds.

11. It’s an annual plant that does well in hot climate. If exposed to cold temperatures, it dies.

12. The leaves of horned melon are cooked like spinach and people eat them.

Now you know.


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