Eating these foods will make you happier

It’s scientifically proven

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Happiness is all we want in this life. And even if money may not buy you the happiness and contentment you want in life, other things can. Simple things that you have actually been taking for granted.

Who would ever think that food is actually something that could buy someone a happy life? Science has proven that eating certain foods will make you happier. But we are not just talking about eating any foods, it’s all about healthy eating. Yes, healthy eating is what will get you that happiness you have been craving for. Sorry, but if you want to be happy, you got to forget all that crappy junk you have been eating.

Fruits and vegetables make you happy

Fruits and vegetables have particularly been pointed out in bringing happiness to those who eat them.

In one study published in the American Journal of Public Health, increased fruit and vegetable consumption was found to increase happiness, satisfaction, and wellbeing. The study that involved 12, 000 individuals found that people who had up to 8 portions of fruits and vegetables a day had up to 0.24 life-satisfaction points. This amount of satisfaction can be equated to the sort that one experiences after moving from unemployment to employment.

Another study also found that indeed, eating healthy and particularly fruits and vegetables added happiness to one’s life. Although happiness may influence a person’s eating habits and hence happy people may tend to eat healthy foods, researchers agree that there is strong evidence to support that indeed healthy eating brings about happiness.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating gives you good health leaving you happier and also has other unidentified ways to make one happy.

If I was you, I would stop eating unhealthy foods and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Well, I know this is so much easier said than done and that most of us detest vegetables in particular. But your body will thank you for feeding it with the right foods. And most importantly, you will be happier.


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