How to Choma Nyama like a pro

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2-3 hours

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1 roast

About Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma in Swahili means Grilled meat. Nyama Choma is an age old tradition of grilling meat on a direct flame until the outside fat is fully rendered and crispy, and the inside is juicy and well cooked. It is one of Kenya’s most celebrated and appreciated staple foods that goes well with almost everything but can still be served as a standalone dish. Generation to generation, the cooking techniques and flavors of it have not been altered.

Originally Nyama Choma was used to refer to goat meat but now other sorts of meat have been included in the grilling category such as poultry, seafood, beef and even rabbit. It is best to have Nyama choma marinated in salty water and herbs like rosemary and thyme according to what the one grilling may prefer.

A lot of Nyama Choma is grilled and served in restaurants and in homes during celebrations such as Christmas, weekend getaways, family get-togethers and many others.

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