Great reasons why you should start eating papaya seeds

Anti-cancer properties

Papaya seeds benefits(youtube)

Papayas are sweet and high in nutrition. But most people eat the fleshy part and discard the seeds. This, however, should not be the case since the seeds are also rich in nutrition. Plus, they are quite easy to swallow in full if you don’t want to chew them.

Read on to realize the great benefits you have been missing all this while:

1. Anti-cancer properties

Your diet may either contribute to cancer or reduce the risk. Studies have shown that papaya seeds are rich in antioxidants that counter the oxidative effect of free radicals that lead to cancer. Another study showed that black papaya seeds play a role in reducing the growth of prostate cancer cells.

2. Digestive health

The seeds are rich in fiber which adds bulk to the stool. This enhances frequent bowel movements and is thus ideal for anyone battling constipation.

3. Healthy kidneys

The kidneys play a paramount role in the body by getting rid of toxins that would else lead to infections. For your kidneys to function right, diet is key. Research shows that papaya seeds have antioxidants that protect the kidneys from any possible damage.

4. Fights infections

At some points in life, our bodies are more prone to infections. No matter how hard the body tries to fight back, there are times that the infections are much stronger and you end up falling sick. Even so, eating papaya seeds regularly is a good way to protect your body from infections such as those caused by fungi and parasites.

All the same, just like most foods, too much of the seeds could be harmful to your health. Just eat them with moderation.


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