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Interesting Foods that caught Kenyans' attention in 2019 (Photos)

Kenyans Kenyans...

Interesting foods made by Kenyans

So far, we can say that Kenyans are slowly becoming experts in cooking. With the help of various social media pages that allow them to showcase their skills, Kenyans have been taking it as a challenge to be better cooks.

But, we still have some who seem to be failing while others are getting better. Maybe by 2020, they shall be better and we won't have to feature them on this list of the interesting/hilarious foods made by Kenyans.

Have a look at some of the foods that are not so pleasing (at least by the look) that Kenyans made in 2019:

Photos: Let's cook Kenyan meals Facebook group


1. This is greens and eggs. I don't know if you would take this with ugali, but for me this food wouldn't go past the throat.

2. The person who made this food made it clear that they were trying to make fufu but it was a total failure. Fufu is starchy food common in West Africa and can be made from cassava, yam or banana flour. In this case, we don't know what flour they used.

3. Well, not much to say about this. I mean, so long as they enjoyed it, who are we to judge the taste?


4. Rice, beans and omena. Would you take this combination? Seems like the kind that would give you a running stomach. And the omena looks like it's not well cooked.

5. Potatoes and God knows what else is in this combination. Judging from the look, this food can't be anything close to tasty.


6. When you have little bits of food left in your fridge and you want to clear it. So, you just put everything together and voila, you have a meal and no wastage! Only that you must have a very good stomach.

7. We have nothing against these chapatis save from their interesting appearance. Otherwise, they seem well cooked and like the amateurs say, 'you don't eat the shape'.

8. We can hardly tell what this combination is made off but whatever it is, all that matters is that person who made it loved it. One's man's meat is another man's poison after all.


9. But why would someone do this to fish? Like, they have lived in the water all their lives and don't need this kind of torture.

10. Finally, we have this food that doesn't look so pleasing but those that love fatty foods might find it palatable.


Of all the above foods, which one do you think is the worst of all?


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