The reason why a spaghetti spoon has a hole in the middle will surprise you

Foodies, gather here real quick

It's true that we learn something new every day. I learned something gobsmacking today that every spaghetti lover will be glad to learn too. So when you cook spaghetti, if you're woke, you serve it with a 'spork' or spaghetti spoon, if you like, right? That's cause it makes it easier to serve as opposed to a normal serving spoon which will cause spillage.

Now, have you ever wondered why there's a hole in the spaghetti spoon? I never thought much of it to be be honest, till today. I think everything has a purpose even armpit hair lol but back to the food.

So turns out, that hole in the middle of the spaghetti spoon is meant to measure one serving of spaghetti when cooking.

Let me explain.

When cooking your spags, if you're like Italians, you cook them whole, in fact, Italians find it an insult when people cut the spaghetti before putting them in water. See, most of us don't understand that even when they don't fit in the sufuria as whole, they will still cook as they will dissolve. But, then again, we really aren't Italians and can cook them spags as we feel like, right? So we take a bunch of spaghetti from the packet, break them in to two or three parts and put them in the boiling water, oblivious of how much really that will serve, after all, if the spaghetti remains, it can be eaten the next day...

But, there's actually a way to measure the spaghetti you cook prior to and that's where the hole in the spoon comes in. Yup! That's it's purpose - it's meant to measure one serving. When cooking, you're supposed to put spaghetti inside that hole and into the pot. Whatever fits into that hole is one serving. That way, you can then measure how many servings you may need as opposed to cooking haphazardly without knowing how much amount you're cooking.

Interesting right? Now you know! Go ahead and spread that knowledge with your fellow foodies.


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