You can now cook rice in way that reduces the calorie content

Eating rice just got better and healthier. Follow this easy tips on how to cook rice to reduce the calorie content.

A plate of rice

Known to contain a whole lot of carbohydrate content, Rice which is a versatile meal is now being replaced by a good number of people with an unrefined whole meal just so they consume less of the carbs.

However, when cooked properly, you can reduce the calorie content by half. Here's how you can achieve that.

1. Add coconut oil to the boiling water. Prior to doing so, weigh the amount of rice you are cooking and add 3 percent of that weight in coconut oil.

2. Place the rice in the pot and let it cook as usual.

3. When done, place the rice in the refrigerator and let it cool for about 12 hours before eating.

According to a study done at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka this method makes rice more weight loss friendly because the digestible starch is turned into resistant starch which occurs due to the introduction of the lipids in coconut oil and the immediate cooling of the rice. The lipids interact with the rice, turning the digestible starch into resistant starch. What's more, the immediate cooling fortifies the production of the resistant starch, making each serving healthier.

Eating rice just got better. Who's ready to try this out?


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