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Nutritional myths you should stop believing

While some nutritional facts are usually spot on, some of them completely miss the mark.


While some of them are usually spot on, others miss the mark altogether.

Here are some nutritional myths you need to stop believing.

1.Orange juice does not help with a cold


There has been little to no evidence that indicates orange juice or vitamin c for that matter helps to get rid of a flu or cold.

2.Carbs are bad for you

Yes, some carbs do cause certain avoidable issues such as weight gain but complex carbs such as whole grain bread are actually good for you. They provide the body with much needed nutrients and fiber.

3.Artificial sweeteners are better than sugar

A lot of people usually believe that switching out sugar for sweeteners is a better option but they may just achieve the complete opposite. Artificial sweeteners are highly processed chemicals which can cause digestive issues and headaches.


4.Cravings show a nutritional deficiency

It is not conclusive that having a food craving means you have a nutritional deficiency. Sometimes it may just be a case of dehydration.

5.Eating fats will make you fat

Good fats such as those found in avocados and fish are very helpful in dissolving vitamins in the body.


6.You should drink eight glasses of water everyday

Yes, water is healthy and has numerous benefits but too much of it can also be harmful for your body.

You can stay hydrated in other ways by taking certain fruits like watermelons.


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