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6 signs you are not getting enough protein

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Most foods contain protein even though it’s in small amounts. As such, it’s almost impossible to suffer from protein deficiency seeing sources like beans are relatively cheap in Kenya.

All the same, you could be consuming proteins but just not enough for your body. If you or someone you know has these signs, it could be that they have not been getting enough proteins:

1. Cravings


Always hungry? Up your protein game. Protein increases satiety thus preventing hunger pangs. Incorporating protein in your breakfast is even more important so that you are able to avoid reckless snacking during the day.

2. Swelling

Edema or fluid retention happens when you do not get enough proteins. Your feet and ankles will thus swell. This is also a major sign of kwashiorkor.

3. Increased infections


If you have been catching flu so often lately, your diet could be to blame. Proteins are not only important in improving the healing process but also protecting you from infections.

4. Hair, skin, and nails

For these three to be healthy, you need to be taking enough amounts of proteins. Protein deficiency leads to weak nails, hair breakage and peeling of skin.

5. Mood swings


The brain is not able to function very well when the body does not have enough proteins. This can make you easily irritable or even depressed.

6. Weight loss

People who want to add weight are usually advised to get more protein. Proteins build muscles and when you do not have enough, you lose the muscles. This leaves you feeling weaker and your bones can also fracture easily.


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