Alcohol and food pairings to definitely rock you this festive season

For most of us, pairing food and a drink seems all snobbish and bourgeois. But it’s actually not.

Food pairing

For most of us, pairing food and a drink seems all snobbish and bourgeois. But it’s actually not. We do it every day and we don’t even know it. We choose whether to drink water or juice or beer with food and we choose how to season our meal when preparing it; whether to add lemon or royco in our food. That in itself is pairing.

It's not any way stylish or sophisticated to want what you eat and what you drink to taste good together. Difference between you and the person who chooses to pair red wine with beef is that you put more thought into it. You consciously decide to pair your meal and beverage.

This consequently brings us to our point of the day. If you like your food and alcohol some type of way this holiday season, there’s only one perfect place you should be at this December and that’s Brew Bistro.

On the 24th of December, 2016, The Big Five Breweries and Jameson Irish Whiskey will be serving a 3-course meal at Brew Bistro- Fortis (the one in Westlands). On this night, you will enjoy great Jameson and Beer pairings.

Beer has always been known to wash down burgers and nyama choma, but it’s slowly making recognition as a fine dining food pairing partner. Whiskey is more of a smooth chilled out and the night will mostly attempt to fit that description. The night will have Jameson whiskeys, cocktails all set to liven up a dinner party.

While this is happening at Fortis, on Ngong Rd, Brew Bistro will be having a party too, a 5-course Grey Goose Vodka pairing dinner.

Vodka is a traditional Russian drink, best enjoyed neat with ice cubes, the correct Russian and Poland way. Mostly we relate to it as when taking shots and a great maker mixer of cocktails but in history, vodka was actually drunk with meals.

That is the experience you will be getting at Brew Bistro Ngong Road with the Grey Goose Vodka being especially associated with distinct smoothness and character, then you expect it to make your Christmas worthwhile.

Simply a whole world full of great pairings and experiences awaits you and now it’s up to you to make that all important decision of exploring.


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