Did you know that you could make healthy food unhealthy unknowingly? Yes really.

How you cook your food determines if the food will still be healthy by the time it’s ready.

If you have been making these cooking mistakes, you had better stop:

1. Overcooking the veggies


You must know this already. But do you really follow it? Cooking your veggies for too long makes them less healthy meaning you won’t benefit much from them.

2. Peeling vegetables

The peels of most vegetables are enriched with loads of nutrients. The moment you peel them off, you can imagine how much you lose.

3. Not adding enough salt


And then you add raw salt after the food is ready. No one loves bland food but raw salt has been associated with heart disease.

4. Too much seasoning


If you can’t eat food without seasoning, ensure you only use small amounts. Seasoning has Sodium and too much sodium in your body leads to water retention.

5. Too much oil

Your food shouldn’t be glittering with oil unless you are deep frying. One tablespoon of cooking oil has 100-150 calories already. The more calories you consume, the more you get exposed to heart-related diseases.

6. Exposing honey to heat


Honey is an amazing natural sweetener but exposing it to heat kills important enzymes decreasing its medicinal properties.