6 things you didn't realize your home needs

Things you didn't know your home needed

6 things you didn't realize your home needs (Courtesy/IndiaMART)

Necessity is the mother of invention. Or so we’re told. An aversion to applying any extra effort is what I believe has led to the world’s greatest accomplishments. These people are the ones who aced that unit called “Making Work Easier”.

And they invented 6 things you never knew your home needed.

Wine thermometer

Everyone knows wine should be served slightly chilled. According to sommeliers, the best temperature is between 8-10ºC.

The thermometer is a wrap around for the bottle and will show you when the optimal serving conditions are achieved.

Foam generator beer mug

This is for the people who believe the more the foam the tastier the beer. It literally keeps your foam atop your beer.

Drain hair cleaner

If you have a problem with a constantly blocked sink or bathroom drain then this is the device for you. Whether the problem is hair or unidentifiable gunk, it will help you unclog your plumbing.

Kids’ shower cap

This is a specialized device for kids that completely prevents soap from getting in your child’s eyes from the hair. Plus it’s cute and fun.

Folding stool

This is especially important if you have space confines or just need fanciful furniture that changes according to your mood. It can be folded into a coffee table, bench or a stool.

Pelvic muscle exerciser

It goes between your legs and tightens everything up. Why wouldn’t you want one?


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