5 Things to consider before you plan your diet

Things to consider when starting a diet

Determine your goals.

Let’s call it a new lifestyle. The idea of changing your meal plan for a healthier body or weight loss is a great one to indulge. Still, the thought of foregoing pizzas and long buffets can be crippling for motivation. Most often than not, most people don’t complete their diet plans. Two weeks of green salads isn’t as easy as fitness fads make it seem.

That is why, it is important to make your preparations for your journey to a healthy lifestyle slowly, taking time to adjust what works and what doesn’t work for you.

However, there are things to consider.

1. Determine your goals

Determine just how much you want to lose or gain and in just how long. This will help you decide on what to eat and when to eat it. While proteins and carbs are good for adding weight, they can really slow you down when losing weight.

2. Factor in your work outs

While you will still keep to high quality foods, the calorie burn of your workout will affect how much you should be eating per day. High intensity work outs call for a bit more calories than moderate and low intensity work outs like yoga. Avoid hunger pangs as starving yourself may do damage to your metabolism and slow your progress.

3. Talk to a doctor

If you have been diagnosed with a meal sensitive disease like diabetes, then you have to talk to your doctor before you start planning your meals. It could be tragic.

4. Consider your lifestyle

This involves putting into consideration just how much time you’ve got to work out and prepare your meals. If you’re working long hours with long periods of commute then an hour for exercise a day may not be realistic. Find a meal plan that allows you to prep over the weekend and do high intensity exercise

5. What is your personality?

At the end of it all, will power is what will determine how far you will go. If you’ve got a problem with leftover meals or spending a lot of time in the kitchen then find a meal plan that doesn’t infringe. It needs to tolerable.


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