5 things women look out for before choosing a house help

You may want to pay close attention to these details


Even some of our favorite celebrities have confessed to having trouble finding the right house help – take Janet Mbugua’s situation when she openly discussed how hard it was for her to get the right house help for her and her family.

Some of them do not have proper hygiene while others you may feel may be too young to have in your household.

Whichever the case, it is never easy to find the right house help but there are certain things that every woman should look out for when choosing a house help.


Just like any other job interview, experience is a key factor when choosing a house help.

Some women have been known to opt for someone older when picking a house help not only for the experience they may have but also because they are easier to work with.

It becomes especially easier when requesting something from them because older house helps do not have the time to start arguing with their employers over why the bed was not made that day.

2.Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene seems to be a very common issue that a lot of women have when choosing a house help with many complaining of their house helps smelling like sweat.

A lot of these women have gone out of their way to buy deodorant for their house helps; not to embarrass them in any kind of way but rather to let them know of the standards that they should maintain – and this does not seem like an impossible standard to uphold.


Women should always look into the different background of their potential house helps.

Are they married? Do they have children and where do they live? These are surely normal questions that any employer asks in whichever profession.

Insist on seeing their IDs and having a copy of the same with you when interviewing them.

4.Dress code

Some house helps have been known to dress a bit “unprofessionally” when at the work place.

From the tight tops to the even tighter skirts, some of these women do not seem to understand the meaning of appropriate dressing when serving their employer’s husband 4 o’ clock tea.

This is why before choosing to hire a house help, you can choose to have them wearing uniforms when working.

5.Consider your children

When a couple decides to have children, then they may want extra help taking care of them especially when they are at work for instance.

It is not an easy task leaving your offspring with a stranger but sometimes you do what you have to do to make things work.

A lot of people advice having an older woman taking care of your children because they feel that the young ones seem to be know it alls and some of them may have other intentions.

"I hired a house help that was probably 20 years old and she actually started hitting on my child and telling him to do certain unmentionable things with him," confessed John, a single father of three. His oldest son is thirteen years old.


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