Sex 9 sex related activities every couple should try at least once

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You need to turn the heat up in the bedroom

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Have you ever wondered why some relationships last forever and others don’t?

I’m gonna be a sexpert just for a day and break it down to you. Ladies, men are like babies. While we need love, affection, morning and evening texts, food, gifts, etc., men are simple beings. They just want some good loving, not to be nagged and to be catered to. Cook for him, ask him how his day was, give him a blow job, a massage, the best sex he’s ever had, be loyal to him and feed him.

The unfortunate thing is that you can do all these things and a man will still cheat but let’s face it. Why do men cheat? People cheat when they’re looking for what they’re not getting. If you lay there like a dead cockroach every night, or you constantly have a headache or you don’t even invest in new lingerie or be that proverbial freak in the sheets, you think your man will not stray? Just like your man has the responsibility to make you happy and treat you like the queen you are, you also need to return the favor.

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While there’s so much more to a relationship than just sex, we can’t deny the fact that sex is one of the biggest factor in a relationship. But even if the sex is good, it can get boring and that’s why we always have to look for ways to turn the heat up a bit.

Here are sex related activities every couple should try at least once.

1. Watch porn together.

It’s odd, awkward even but it’s necessary to be able to watch porn together because it makes both of you more open minded and you get to know each other’s sexual needs better. It’s also a nice way to learn new styles ama namna gani?


2. Sext each other.

Casually drop a sexy photo of yourself in lingerie in the middle of the day telling your man how you cannot wait to do bad things to him when he gets home from work. This will build up the anticipation and he will be longing for you all day!

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3. Try different sex styles and see what works for you.

Windmill? Reverse cowgirl? Girl, work out the positions that help you orgasm and perfect them.

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4. Try anal sex.

We only live once. I always say that taking the less traveled road could surprise you.

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5. Incorporate sex toys in your foreplay.

Again, it won’t hurt to explore your body sexually.


6. Shave each other.

You will probably be both dying of laughter from the ticklish feeling and think about it, there will be no more shyness. The minute you shave your man’s hairy behind, what more does he have to hide from you? Lol I’m not sure there’s a better way for couples to bond.



7. Do a role play.

Pick one night say on his birthday and roll play for him of course if he’s okay with it. You could be a naughty school girl or a bad girl that wants to be arrested and chocked for being ‘bad’. My advice though, do not surprise your man make sure you’re both in agreement.


8. Make a sex tape.

Would it not be great to see yourselves in action, besides through the mirror? Plus, when you’re both horny, you can watch it over and over again especially if one of you is away for business or something. If you’re scared your boyfriend could use it against you in future, you shouldn’t even be with him in the first place.


9. Use food as foreplay.

Feed each other strawberries dipped in chocolate for desert as you scrub each other’s backs in a hot tub. Sex is not all about the actual sex act…foreplay plays a huge role and sometimes, you just need to relax in each other’s arms, kissing and cuddling.

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