Here are 15 things you did not know about Joe Chuma

He might not go down in history but he'll go down on you.

He wasn't born, he was created by mother nature using secret metals only found at the heart of the earth. The man of steel, a son of earth, Joe Chuma holds centuries of knowledge and has now come to answer your cry for help.

With his bankable charm and a very delectable mind, Joe Chuma is running for Presidency and he says that he just can't lose.

Why so confident?

Because he is the man of every activist's dream. His genius is so contagious that the world health organization created a supplement from it. An intellectual, a dreamer and a romantic with a touch naughty to his persona, Joe Chuma has warmed his way into many hearts and even more pants than any human to ever walk this earth.

Here are  15 things you didn’t know about Joe Chuma

He picks your phone call before you even dial.

Joe Chuma is so big, he put the D in Dinosaur.

Google will be named after him because he's all you've been searching for.

He's the only man who's ever seen John Cena

He's so good in algebra he'll replace your X without asking Y.

He's carries a mirror in his pockets so that you can see yourself in his pants.

He is the one who leads the wildebeests on their migration.

His favourite slogan is: He saw, he conquered and the he came.

Joe Chuma caught a cold on Mount Kenya, his breath covered the top in snow.

And the ladies love him, if you sit on his lap he'll let you to talk about the first thing that pops up.

You don't need a spoonful of sugar to swallow him.

You can call him the garbage man because he will handle the junk in your trunk.

You're like his little toe, he will bang you on every piece of  furniture in the bedroom.

His favourite song is Jingle bells because he can go all the way.

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