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Celebrity peace messages to Kenyans

War does not determine who is right, only who is left.

As the tallying slowly but surely comes to an end in just a few more hours, Kenya will know who are her leaders for the next five years. Most importantly, her President.

Meanwhile, celebrities have come out in droves to spread peace messages to all their fans. To break the tension that is looming over the nation, it’s imperative that Kenyans unite and maintain unity and sobriety during this critical time. Here's a few peace messages from your favourite celebrities to share around.

1. DNG


Radio present and major event host DNG has been pretty busy spreading peace messages on all his social media accounts.  This is what he had to say on Instagram.

"Hatuwezi ingia Tanzania tubadilike kuwa Watanzania. Vivyo hivyo, hatuwezi ingia Uganda tubadikike kuwa Waganda. Kenya ndio nchi yetu. Tuilinde."

"We can't go to Tanzania and become Tanzanians. Neither can we do it in Uganda. Kenya is our country. Let's protect it."

2. Vivianne Wambui

3. Alemba


Veteran gospel musician, Alemba was not left behind. He said, " Kenya is our Home, Our future and Our pride."#SAUTIMOJA #ARTISTSFORPEACE...

Yes it is, so let's keep it safe guys.

4. Dj Mo

Multiple Groove Awards winner, Dj Mo took a more humorous angle with his message.

5. Big Ted


CEO of Main events company and the now Deputy Director of the State branding and events, Thomas Kwaka was hearty with his message on Instagram. Check this out,

"I borrow some words from a forward I just received with alterations."

"The blood of Kenyans have been cheapened,there is no crown big enough to loose your life, see it’s just as important to understand what the problem isn’t as it is to understand what it is. Listen, you can debate and compete without causing damage or causing harm to each other. Violence in any form or justification is not worth it. No using of our brothers, sisters or children. Not again. Leave it. No demonstration, no nothing. Kenyans want to go back to their hustle. Kenyans have bills to pay. Kenyans have dreams to work at too. Kenyans are tired and want to move on and live in peace with each other. If it is a Kenyan thing, then let the aggrieved politicians lead the demonstrations with their children, wives and family first. haven't you had enough of it? With disastrous and futile consequences. Not any more, as a Kenyan of LUO decent I CHOOSE to encourage my fellow Kenyans to look at the bigger picture. Its not worth your blood or energy. You will live to fight another battle. LETS ALL MOVE ON TOGETHER..."

6. Julie Gichuru

Who has been on the recieving end of KOT's fury for the past few weeks for sharing peace messages, didn't mince her words when she made her stand known on Instagram.


7. Kalekye Mumo

K24's Talk Central presenter and former Kiss FM radio sensation also took it to her Instagram, she said,

"In the US elections were allegedly hacked by the Russians in favour of Trump, Americans did not go fighting for neither Hillary nor Trump. Here in Kenya, the same has allegedly happened, Kalonzo says he will call on their supporters to action when they need them.

Swali ni (Question is), are you ready to go to that action? Or as Kenyans we will go on with our lives as ONE people?? My fellow Kenyans... I will not be used as a tool by any politician to rise against another Kenyan.... #TeamKalekye who is with me?"

We most definitely are Kalekye Mumo!


8. Chris Kirubi

Of course, multi millionaire and business tycoon Chris Kirubi came out to show his support and love for the country and it's people.

9. Cecile

Even the Jamaican sensation Cecile took time to spread love to her Kenyan fans. She said, "To my Kenyans..gwane hold it and don't make Babylon make you fight and fuss ina dis yah election time. Blessings, love and peace to you all from 876."


Do you have any peace messages you would like to share with your fellow Kenyans? Comment and let's share.


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