I Hate Poverty, Betty Kyallo opens up

Betty Kyallo reveals interesting details about her life


From the stunning photos of cars, prestigious holidays and fancy dresses she posts on social media, it is a true evidence of what Kyallo is attracted to.

Speaking during an interview with a local station, Ms Kyallo admitted to this fact which at times is only seen through the pictures she shares with the world.

The 29-year-old, who is from a humble background, disclosed that the one thing she dreads is for her daughter, Ivanna, to go through life the same way she did.

Opening up about this hidden aspect of her life, the journalist mentioned that as a child she grew up with little.

Kyallo stated that she never wants Ivanna to have a similar life and that she despises poverty.

“I hate poverty. I was not raised in poverty but I was raised in situations where you did not have everything you wanted, not even close to what you wanted. Just the basics, minimum level.

“As much as it shaped who I am, I think for my daughter and children I would want them to have a bit more. I want them to go to the best schools because at some point I could not access the best education.

I want them to experience things that I never used to experience. I used to see kids with play stations and I had none," she mentioned.

Ms Kyallo noted that as a child the only holiday she knew was going to ‘shagz’ to see her grandmother but for her children, she hopes things will be different.

At the same time, Betty opened up about her parent’s separation which was hard for her and her siblings.

“There was a time when my mum and dad separated for some time and so my mum was basically taking care of us there it was really hard…but anyway you rise above that,” she said.


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