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10 struggles only short men understand

It's easy to feel short changed.

No one likes to date the short guy.

This is one of the very many struggles that a man of small height has to go through. You would be surprised at just how height can impact your daily life. It’s an all time hustle and one that short guys can fully relate to. Read on

1. People bending to talk to you.


This is just insulting. It’s not like the short (see what I did there?) distance between you and a short dude will stop him from hearing or seeing you when you’re conversing.

2. Emasculation when you need assistance

In the movies it’s the girl that asks for assistance when they can’t reach something. So imagine just how bruising it is to the ego to ask another man to pick up a box from the top shelf in the supermarket.

3. Awkward hugs

Think about how you hug your baby brother. Do you want to hug a full grown man like that?


Ps: If he happens to land with his face on your boobs then you deserve to give him a shimmy.

4. Walking with a girl in heels

Unless you haven’t met the guy before then you need to keep off those stilettos before you start looking like his mother instead of his date.

5. Standing in front for every picture

You never really have a choice. It’s either you stay in front of the line or accept oblivion.


6. You’re forcibly cute

Especially when you keep our hands in fists when you’re angry.

7. Automatically you assumed to be short even where it matters

What happened to the shorter the monkey, the longer the tail?

8. You know all the short people jokes.


None is amusing. None, whatsoever.

9. You get picked up, a lot.

That one annoying moment when someone reaches down for you in a bear hug and lifts you like his girlfriend.

10. You miss everything at concerts

Nope, you’ll never win their random competitions, whose going to see your tiny hands? Select a table next to a screen too since you need front row tickets or you won’t see a thing.


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