In a behind-the-scenes video shared to social media by the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, Evans can be seen joking around on the set of Endgame, throwing an imaginary football into the lake behind Tony Stark's cabin. "Dont sleep on Old Cap in your next Fantasy draft," the Russo brothers wrote.

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According to the Russo brothers, the Old Man Cap look was achieved largely through makeup. "We did a lot of practical effects, so it was a very elaborate makeup job that was then augmented with CG, because theres certain things that you cant do with makeup in order to make Cap credibly that age," said Anthony Russo.

Halfway there Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans)

The appearance of "Old Man Cap," as some are calling him, came as a huge final twist in a truly labyrinthine movie, and it was one that both surprised and delighted fans, who had been rooting for Steve Rogers to get a happy ending ever since he first went into the ice in The First Avenger.