Kenyans pick the best tissue of 2019

What's your brand?

Toilet Paper roll (Courtesy)

Toilet paper is something people rarely splurge on, after all, that is money down the toilet literally. But if you have had an experience with bad tissue that feels like sandpaper and disintegrates when you wipe, then you know that it’s worth investing a little bit more in your tissue paper.

We recently took to our social media pages to find out which tissue brand Kenyans love by pitting some of the most popular brands against each other.

The contenders were Hanan, Fay, Toilex and Velvex & the winner was *Drum rolls please* Hanan.

The 2 ply toilet paper was not the cheapest in our list but users argued that it was worth the money. They opined that it was soft,firm and did not compromise your plumbing system.

Coming in second was Fay, then Toilex then Velvex.

Neptune by Kapa Oil Refineries also got some honourable mentions probably because DJ Shiti has been pushing the brand.


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