The program comprises 30 second, supersets of two moves, with 10 second breaks in between each set. The exercises include leg raises , mountain climbers , Russian twists , in and outs, plank with hip dips, plank jacks , crunches , up and down plank, plank, heel tap, reverse crunch leg extensions, and straight leg crunches.

"That wasn't too bad, just tiring and sweaty," says Matt after completing the first workout. "At this point, I'll be honest, I'm not particularly positive about doing 12, because that's a ridiculous amount."

By the time he's finished three rounds, the physical toll is starting to set in: "My shoulders hurt, there are a lot of plank-focused shoulder things, and plus I've definitely made some mistakes." As the day progresses, Matt finds that the workouts are getting him down, and not just because they're burning his abs. "It's hard on my abs, obviously, it hurts, but the cardio element is almost as bad," he says. "The bigger issue is just boredom, I'm doing the same thing over and over again, it friggin' sucks."

Upon reaching the midway point, having done six workouts, "the honeymoon period is definitely over, and Matt pledges: "after today, I'm never training abs again."

Once he is up to nine workouts, his intention is to smash out the final three workouts back to back, but he soon realizes that isn't possible after spending all of workout 10 "feeling like I was going to throw up." He eventually calls it quits at 10, citing pain in his stomach.

"I've done 10 ab workouts in a day, that's like six months' worth of volume, so I'll take that," he says.