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10 part time job options to help you make extra cash

Turn your hobby into a cash cow


Life has become so expensive and relying on one job’s salary just doesn’t cut it especially if you have kids as you have to factor in more mouths to feed and school fees. Luckily, all hope is not lost. There are many part time jobs you can take up if you’re willing to work longer hours to make that dough. We have compiled a list of some possible ways you can make extra money, either through hobbies or quick money part time jobs.

1. Modeling/VO artist/Brand Ambassador/Acting.

If you have the looks, voice and confidence for these kinds of jobs, you can give it a try. Sometimes, advertising agencies already know the people that they want to work with for some adverts, such as celebrities. However, every now and then, there will always be auditions happening and you can attend and prove your skills. Should you land a gig, you can earn even up to Ksh 100,000 for a main advert. When it comes to acting, while we see the same old familiar faces on literally ever other show, you can be on the lookout for new TV shows or even movies. Join all those actors FB and Whatsapp groups and diarize audition dates. Acting may take up more of your time but if your main job is flexible enough, I don’t see why you should not utilize your talent and get paid for it.


2. Teaching a language.

There are loads of people looking for a language tutor. If you speak fluent French for example, you can teach kids or people looking to learn the language and you can even earn around Ksh 1,500 per hour. It’s effortless, not to mention you can also teach online and there are loads of online teaching jobs if you’re a certified tutor. All you have to do is get a teaching certificate and then become a certified tutor and teach online, which you can do in the evenings since time difference in other countries can allow.

3. Tour guide.

For all the tourists looking to tour the city without spending so much money, you could offer to show them around at a fee. Show them the most Instagramable spots that Nairobi has to offer, the landmarks, the go-to places for nyama choma, activities, etc. Be proactive and market yourself with an Instagram page customized for such a job and join all the touristy FB groups, where you will find potential tourists looking to visit Kenya.


4. Personal shopper.

If you love fashion and have an eye for what’s hot and trendy, you could do some thrift shopping when you’re free then sell these items to people, through an Instagram shop – these are quite popular at the moment. You could also combine that with personal shopping for specific people like celebrities, who have no time to shop. This is a good way to make extra cash, it’s not an easy job to source for the best clothes though, so you have to be willing to put in that extra work.

5. Data entry jobs.

Online jobs are so much, albeit, they do not pay that well. But, if you have internet and a laptop, it could be one option. You have to be on the lookout for all the scams out there. Not all online jobs will be real. Make sure to verify the company prior to.


6. Turning your hobby into a cash cow.

You love cooking? Why not plan to start delivering food to your workmates and charging them for lunch? You love fitness? Start training people who want to keep fit but charge them for your services. You love photography? Save up for a camera and make extra cash, taking portraits of models, people, events etc. If you’re a makeup fan, beat people’s faces at a fee. If you can sing, you can host a karaoke show, sing at a bar and make extra money. I mean, there are so many ways you can make extra money using your hobby you just have to think it through and give it a try.


7. Cleaning.

Expats in Nairobi are always looking for someone decent and reliable who can cook and clean at least once or twice a week. If you don’t mind a bit of cleaning, you could make at least Ksh 3,000 a week, or even more. In a month, that’s a good Ksh 12,000 on the minimum and you could pay a few bills with that.

8. DIY.

If you’re crafty enough, you could become a DIY queen and make cute things then sell to your friends. You could revamp old wine bottles into candle holders or into flower vases for instance or pretty much anything in line with DIY, be it fashion, beauty or home décor. For instance, if you can crochet, make crochet tops and sell to girls, or make necklaces or bracelets. The options are endless.


9. Join taxi hailing apps as a driver.

If you have a car or motorbike that’s still in good condition, you could join Uber and Taxify and make extra cash in the mornings, evenings or night and weekends by transporting clients. If you have extra cars, you could also hire a driver and have him work fulltime.

10. Writing.

Writing for online magazines can make you quick cash especially because you can write for more than one magazine simultaneously. You just have to make sure that your work is good enough and not plagiarized as you will only be paid for what is published.



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