10 things that make your office job bearable

Free coffee!


Guys, if you think about it, our 9-5 lives aren’t thaaaaaat bad. Some people have it worse. You should appreciate what you have, even that boring and annoying job, as you wait and look for something better. If you work in a toxic work environment, it can be depressing to wake up everyday, ready to ace the day. You’d rather be sipping mojitos in Bali. But then, you have bills to pay and a life to survive so you gotta make that dough. What if I told you that work life isn’t as terrible as you think? No, seriously. There are things we all love about the office and no this is not one of those LinkedIn articles about growth, bla bla bla. This is for those who don’t take themselves too seriously but still get shit done at work. So, here’s what we love about the office.

1. Free tea and coffee. You can even put 5 spoons of sugar. After all, you’re not the one paying for it.

2. All the awesome work colleagues who have become family.

3. Lunch time breaks. You can barely wait for those.

4. When a colleague has a birthday and you get free cake.

5. When you have a day full of meetings which means you’re basically out of the office all day.

6. Daily office gossip which is juicier than an episode of Wendy Williams.

7. Free WiFi, which you can use to your advantage.

8. End month means it's time to ball hard!

9. Team building day. Simply because we are away from the office all day and we get free food and drinks.

10. Perks like health insurance and some freebies like when your office gets free tickets to attend an event.

See, it’s not hell after all. Don’t worry, be happy.


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