Having a smartphone is a need everyone considers very important because apart from using it for communication, it allows you to do a lot of things you can do on your personal computer.

Smartphones are playing important role in everyone’s life that having one is on the priority list of everybody.

However, as important as this device is, many of us unfortunately pay more money to enjoy our smartphones.

Here are three ways you may be wasting money on your smartphone.

1.   You’re spending too much on data

Don't spend too much to buy data.
Don't spend too much to buy data.

To enjoy your smartphone, you need data, right? But how much do you spend on data every month? There is always a joke about data that Nigeria is the only place where you subscribe for a monthly data two or three times a month.

If you find yourself buying a monthly data more than once in a month and you’re not using the phone for anything that makes you money in return, you’ve got to watch it. Even if you change your data plan, you’ll still have to control your data consumption, that’s one way to save money.

2.   Always changing your phone

If you like to buy the latest phone every year, you’re probably spending the money you don’t need to spend. Except your current phone has gone bad and can’t fix it again, you really don’t need to always change your phone.

3.   Not using a case

Not protecting your phone could make you send more money on repair (classic)
Not protecting your phone could make you send more money on repair (classic)

A lot of the best smartphone in the market look sleek and fragile that you have to buy a case for them to protect them. And if you think your smartphone is too cool to be covered in a case, you might end up spending some money to fix your phone when it  slips out of your hands or pockets and shattered on the floor.