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5 things you should never say during a job interview

You will lose the opportunity

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If you have been looking for a job, you need some handy tips to help you secure your dream job. Else, you will be going for interviews but never getting a call from them.

Besides, looking good for the interview, there are also things you should never say during a job interview. Check out some of them below:

1. I didn’t like my previous job


Even though it might be true, you don’t want to seem like a negative person. The interview might think that you might as well hate the new job if you get it.

2. My boss was awful

Well, some bosses are hard to deal with but you should keep this information to yourself. Even if you quit the job because of your previous boss, don’t say it.

3. How much do you pay?

Wait until they bring up the question. Rushing to ask about the salary makes you seem like you are only interested in the money.


4. I am sorry, I am late

You should not have been late in the first place. And if you were caught up in a situation that delayed you, you should have called to let them know you are getting late or request them to reschedule the interview.

5. I don’t have any questions

Prior to the interview, research more about the company and come up with some questions for the interviewer. Interviewers like being engaged as well and asking questions also show how much you are interested. 


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