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8 worst career mistakes young people make

It can cost your lifetime happiness

Growing up, you had a dream career and you could not wait to adult and chase it. Careers are parts of our lives and a single career mistake can cost your lifetime happiness.

1. Letting someone decide for you


Your parents and teachers may know you very well but not as well as you know yourself. They may know that you are really good in Math and Sciences but they should not push you into doing Medicine if it’s not what you want.

2. Forgetting your dream

In a world where jobs are hard to come by, it’s easy to forget your dream and take whichever offer that comes your way. Young people pick any available job to sustain themselves as they look for their dream jobs. Unfortunately, some end up settling for that job and forget they had dreams.

3. Doing it for money


We all love money and it can buy a few luxuries that will give us happiness. However, that happiness never lasts. True happiness comes from doing something you enjoy doing every day, something that creates an impact in the society as well as one that pays your bills.

4. Getting too comfortable

So you got your dream job and thought that it’s all you ever wanted. Shock will befall you the day your juniors will be promoted because they invested in developing their skills and knowledge while you slacked.

5. Not networking

You never know who will help you tomorrow. Your job alone is not enough and you should ensure you network with as many people as possible in meetings, seminars and social events.


6. Broad focus

People are always advised to be all rounded and have different skills. However, pick one skill and be a mastermind in it rather than being a little bit of everything. You will be paid more for your expertise.

7. Lacking confidence

Never assume that your boss notices your good work and they will certainly reward your effort. Unless you are confident enough to prove your worth, your boss may just give your efforts a blind eye.

8. Putting your career ahead of your life


Your career is an important part of your life but it’s not everything. Your health, personal time and family are equally important and there should be a balance.


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