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7 good reasons to turn down a promotion

If the shoe doesn't fit...

Should you automatically accept the promotion when it is handed to you however? Here are 6 times when it is okay to say no to a promotion.

1.The work you are already doing is too much for you to handle

If you are struggling to handle the work that is already on your plate then it is okay if you do not take a promotion that you are handed at work.


All it will do is cause a complete mess at work and the person that they will hold accountable is you.

2.The position you’re being promoted to is frequently vacant

This might be something to consider when deciding to take on a vacant position. Why is it constantly vacant? Will you be able to uplift that department?

The problems may be deeper than expected and, in the end, just cause you unnecessary stress and make you unhappy with the work that you are doing.

3.If it takes you away from what you truly love doing


4.You aren’t ready

If you’re not ready for what the promotion entails then you are not ready. Maybe you want to strengthen up on some skills before moving up the ladder.

It is okay to hold off on before jumping into something that you don’t feel ready for.

5.There is no increment or any form of benefits coming with the promotion


If all you are getting from the promotion is more work and zero benefits or increment to your salary then you are allowed to turn it down.

6.You want to leave

Maybe you feel like your time at the company has come to an end and see yourself leaving. That wouldn’t be the best time to take up a promotion.

7.It would require you to relocate

Maybe the promotion requires you to relocate. If you are in such a situation and the logistics don’t make sense to you at that time, don’t be scared to say no.


This is not to encourage anyone not to take up a promotion simply because it is in another town or because you aren’t ready. Proper consideration needs to be taken when making such a decision and then decided whether it is the perfect fit for you or not.

Source: The Muse and The Balance


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