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5 common lies we all tell in job interviews

Lies we tell

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Desperate moments call for desperate measures. When you badly need a job you will say anything that you think will earn you that job.

Not to say that lying is a good thing, but well, doesn’t life just put as in situations that we can’t get out of unless we got a little bit disingenuous?

We bet that you must have at least told one of these common lies in your job interviews:

1. I am an outgoing person


Truth be told, not everyone is social and outgoing. But during job interviews, we all want to portray ourselves as that very social person in the office. Why? Because we all feel that most employers prefer a people oriented person.

2. Hobbies and interests

Do you really love reading or have you just put it in your CV so that you don’t look like you have some meaningless hobbies? Even people who have never participated in an environment cleaning service in their society will lie that they so much love charity work.

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3. Salary

When the interviewer pops the question, ‘what’s your current salary’ what do you say? If you earn 30k for instance, you will definitely give a higher figure to give space for negotiations.

4. I have always wanted to work with your company

This is another big lie people tell. I mean, you badly need the job and your feelings about the company can come later after you’ve gotten the job. So even if you hate it, you would rather feign it at least for the sake of the job.


5. Weaknesses

Honestly, if you are the kind of person who gets angry in microseconds, you won’t say that to your interviewer. Usually, you come up with a sweet lie that doesn’t seem like a weakness per se.


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