After Donald Trump and Brexit, Now this Is The Brilliant Thing That Kenyans Have Decided To Do

Edulink allows undergraduates to benefit from direct access to The University of Northampton degree courses which are offered in comfy classrooms surrounded by a masterfully-equipped library, computer laboratories, café and of course, a fully enabled WiFi campus.

Lately, a strong anti-immigrants wave has been sweeping across the entire Western world, with Britain sending the strongest message yet with Brexit and in the USA, Donald Trump whipping up the emotions by fronting a fascist, America-first rhetoric that threatens the social fabric and also calls for the expulsion of other races and persons from the Land Of the Free.

This same rhetoric has seen a resurgence in Great Britain as immigrants (legitimate or illegal) find it hard to settle, work, school or live in an atmosphere that overwhelmingly voted for the exclusion of Britain from other European countries.

These moves are making foreigners shocked and worried while others are even planning to relocate as things may get thicker.

But for Kenyans who love a good education, for Kenyans who value a good degree and Kenyans who know what quality education means and entails, these fears are nothing to hinder you. In fact, they're encouragements.

Owing to the changing social set-ups across the World, and the ballooning expenses of living and also housing, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans have now seized the opportunity and jumped into a goldmine - Edulink International College.

Therefore, Kenyans who are familiar with how excellent the college is and just what a valuable degree they offer, have been flocking in their hundreds to register at the Edulink University situated at Adams Arcade, Ngong Rd - Ndemi Road Junction. Yes - right here in the city center! How about that!?

That way, they not only get to access world-class education with top-notch facilities and international-standards teaching tools, they also get to overwhelmingly slice the expenses that would require them to study abroad. And also, stay closer home where the political climate is a little conducive and not flagrant.

An arm of the world-renowned The University of Northampton, Edulink International College is truly a little British commune right in the heart of the Nairobi City. (With all the classiness and prestige.)

Even without having to board flights and set off to the land of Sir Winston Churchill, you still get to feel the excellence and the expertise of any student sitting in a lecture hall back in Northampton, UK.

Instead of complaining about what direction the politics of the West is taking, smart Kenyans have decided a way of not just avoiding trouble but also benefiting from a godsend opportunity to acquire the best while still living in their homes, right here in our beautiful capital.

In fact, on Saturday 3 December 2016, Edulink International College Nairobi (EICN), which offers business degrees in the areas of Business Studies, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Marketing, will have an Open Day on its campus on Ngong Road & Ndemi Junction.

See you there. The World has just been brought closer home.

You've got no excuse now. Do you?


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