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Consider these things before you spend money

Here are things you should consider before you spend money

1. Do you really need it?

Before you spend money, ask yourself if you really need to spend on that product or service. Can you do without it?

You might want it but do you need it. Needs and wants are two entirely different things. If your answer is No, then you shouldn't waste your money on such expenses.


2. Are you getting value for your money?

Before you spend money, be sure you are getting value for your money. The thing you want to get durable, is it of good quality and would it last for a long period of time?

If you going to spend money on something be sure you get the best quality on such thing.

3. Can you afford it?


Ask yourself if you can afford what you are about to spend money on.  Would it affect your finance negatively if you get it?

What is the opportunity cost of the item? You need to really consider these questions.

4. Would it really be useful?

There are some things we spend money on that we really don't use. Most times we just forget them somewhere and that is the end of the product.

If it won't be useful to you after a short while, then it is best you reconsider getting it.


5. Is there an alternative option?

Ask yourself if there are other alternative options for what you want to get. Open your mind to other possible ways of getting what you want.

Go window shopping or check the internet for similar products or services and weigh the options, choosing the best out of all the alternatives.


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