Handy tips to save money on low income

Usidharau hiyo kidogo

Saving money(52-week Savings Challenge Kenya)

You don’t have to earn a six-figure salary for you to start saving. Saving is something you have to start with the little income you get.

If you cannot save with the little you get, you will still have problems with saving even when you will have a better income. Even if you won’t save much, the little you save is better than none. These handy tips should help you save regardless of what you earn:

1. Stay out of debt

If you have any debts, work on clearing them first and begin with the high-interest ones. Then try as much as you can to avoid any more debts.

2. Cut housing costs

Rent takes most of the people’s income. Live in an affordable house or get a roommate so that you share the cost. You can always move to a better house later.

3. Sell what you don’t need

If you have some shoes, clothes or electronics that you no longer use, sell them.

4. Get your groceries from the market

You might have noticed that groceries are more expensive in your estate than when you get them from the market.

5. Don’t eat at restaurants

Stay away from restaurants unless it’s really necessary. Making food and snacks at home is much cheaper.

6. The small things matter

20 shillings may not seem much but if you would save 20 bob every day, you will have Ksh 140 by the end of the week. Why pay Ksh 100 for bus fare while you can pay 80 for the same?

7. Live close to work

If there are residential houses close to your place of work, rent one. You will spend less on fare or nothing at all if you can walk to work.

8. Shop in wholesale

It’s always cheaper. If you can’t afford to do it alone, join hands with friends then divide amongst yourselves. For instance, you can get a 50 kg bag of sugar, rice, a carton of cooking oil, a bale of flour then forget about shopping for the next few months.


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