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5 weird jobs you could be doing right now

The job of your dreams or your nightmares?

And Enid from admin is probably the only creeper who makes things really uncomfortable for everyone with her Blueband scented perfume and wooden clogs.

But there are many other jobs that are bizarre, weird or they will make you wish you could get them. They could be dream jobs or the stuff of nightmares.

Here are 5 strange jobs you could be doing right now.


Professional Sleeper

Ah, the stuff of dreams. A Finland hotel hired someone to join their staff to test ALL the beds in the premises. The tester would spend the night in a different bed then review each bed based on her satisfaction.

Watching paint dry

We’ve gotten to the nightmare portion of the section. In the United Kingdom, there is an employee who spends his days painting sheets of cardboard to test how long new paint mixes take to dry and watching for changes in colour and texture.

Full time TV watcher


And we’re back to having fun again. Netflix hired someone to watch all their content and classify it according to genre and tags. So if you want to watch a horror teen drama set in the 1950s, you’ll have that TV watcher to thank for making it easy for you to find. I wonder if they’re still hiring.

Train pusher

Well, in Japan, the trains get so crowded that the passengers have to be pushed in to make sure that they are all inside when the doors close. Yes, that’s someone’s job. To push people inside modes of transport until the doors can shut. I think we call them conductors here.

Snake milker


If you’re faint of heart and stomach, look away.

No. Snakes don’t produce milk. But they do produce venom. Probably the most important job on this list actually. Snake milkers usually collect the venom from snakes to sell it to researchers so as to be able to study the more positive effects of the toxin or make antivenom.

There are a few other odd jobs like bull masturbators, sex toy testers, people paid to feel your face after testing a product etc. Not forgetting the unfortunate person who has to test disgusting stunts for competitions to determine how doable they are.

Would you do any of them?


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