10 types of people you will always meet in an office

Which one are you?

However, there are certain archetypes you will always meet in all or most offices.

Here are 9 people you will always meet in offices.

The slay queen

Every office has one. She always dresses in the latest fashions and even though everybody else is fashionable, they always manage to stand out. You will always notice them even if you hadn’t planned to. They take selfies for Snapchat and Instagram every other hour of the day.

The one who never listens

They have the attention span of a gnat. Whenever someone is talking to them, their minds wander and they always have to ask what was said later.

The kind one

They are always matronly. They share everything. When they buy themselves biscuits, they bring enough for the desk.

The one who will show you the way

Even though you probably didn’t ask, they will show the ropes of the internal workings of the office. They are eager to make sure that you don’t set a foot wrong.

The one who’s never asked

There is always that special character who is simply never questioned. When they defy the dress code, the bosses somehow don’t catch them. They are always late and you always leave them in the office but whenever trouble brews for them, when you inquire about it you’re told, “Huyo haulizangwi.”

The prude

They are devout and extremely religious. The frown upon any consumption of alcohol or smoking. They hate secular music. They are always asking for the office radio to be turned down. They will report you to the supervisor if you displease them.

The two-face

They pretend to be nice only to stab you in the back the first chance they get. They will steal your ideas to peddle them as their own and look for any opportunity to sabotage a colleague who appears like competition.

The one who knows everyone’s business

They are gossip professionals and seem to be friends with everyone. They dig for information about their workmates and always know something about everyone.

The slacker

They never finish any work. They either have to be assisted by others every time or are always being reprimanded for never handing in assignments on time.

The loner

They prefer to spend time by themselves. Even during events, they sit aside and watch the festivities from the corner of their eyes while they’re busy on their phones. Or they unceremoniously disappear every time a group gathering begins.


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