6 rules to stick to for a successful side hustle

Don’t quit your job yet

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These days, you are better off with a side hustle.  It’s not only a safe option to lean on when things get bad at work but also relieves your financial burden.

However, starting a side hustle is one thing, while making it successful is another. To begin with, take the bold step to move out of the comfort zone and get started. For it to be successful though, you must adhere to some rules:

1. Do something you love

You probably hate your job already and you only stick around because you have to pay the bills. Let this not be the case with your side hustle. Your side hustle should excite you and you should look forward to doing it every day.

2 Manage your time

You have a fulltime job and a side hustle that will take most of your free time. And you must know how to strike a balance between the two so that you don’t lose your job and still maintain your hustle. A side hustle that does not demand so much of your time will be a good start.

3. Don’t quit your job yet

No matter how much you love your side hustle, don’t be too fast to quit your formal job. Business is not always easy as it may seem. Today you will be making lots of profit and tomorrow is another story. Take your time to establish your side hustle such that you don’t have to support it with your salary.

4. Delegate duties

It’s okay to want to be present all through in your side hustle but it’s impossible when you have another job. Instead of letting the side hustle sleep until your free time, delegate what can be delegated.

5. PR is a must

People got to know your business exists and no better of doing that than by marketing it. You may have to spend some money to market it but it will be worth it in the long run.

6. No debts

For any startup to succeed, you will need to put money in it. Instead of taking debts to support your side hustle, start with the little you have and let it grow. Many startups fail because they get into debt so early that they never turn in any profit. 


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