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How you can make money from your phone gallery

You can make your money from the images you didn't put on IG.

Stock photo sites buy these images for a fee.

Photographers can make money ranging from Sh500 to Sh13, 000 per month and the amount increases as you post more photos. Making it an advisable side hustle.

The stock photo companies include, Shutterstock, Betteridge’s, iStock, and Adobe Stock.


Shutterstock pay approximately Sh25 upon starting. When you have accumulated sales worth Sh50, 000; sales of your photos go at higher rate.

Betteridg’s basic is around Sh35. As your catalogue grows, the venture becomes entirely profitable.

The growth of this business is slow but steady and reliable.

Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe Stock allow users to post their photos on multiple sites as they have non-exclusivity while Getty remain exclusive.

What does a stock photographer need to do?


Photos can be taken using a phone or a camera.

They have to look like real-time images such as Instagram or Pinterest posts.

Photographers are encouraged to stay on popular trends and events- anticipating the user’s needs.

The photos should have open areas for texts as most of the photos will be used for promotions.

Stay local and genuine.


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