5 things that may be stressing you at work

Avoid these to help avoid stress.

From trying to meet deadlines to handling stubborn clients - whatever it may be, a little bit of pressure is inevitable in the workplace.

There are however other underlying things you do that may get you stressed in the workplace.

1.Poor time management

Poor time management can easily stress you out. If you are unable to manage your time then you won’t be able to do the things that you are supposed to do well and that inevitably leads to stressful situations.


It is okay to put in extra hours at work but you shouldn’t overwork yourself otherwise your productivity will dwindle and may end up affecting your work; not to mention you may get stressed in the process.

Learn to take a breather.

3.Not disconnecting from work

If you are thinking about work when you are at home then you might as well be at work. You are not giving your brain time to distress thus leading to stress.


Complaining about something is completely normal. Not finding a solution to it however is what becomes stressful.

Even worse is when you have to take on someone else’s complaints.

5.Being a yes person

Being a yes person may seem like a great way to get on your employer’s good side but it eventually ends up stressing you out. You will say yes to things that you don’t really want to do and this can lead to a burn out.


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