A woman can tell that a man is rich in three seconds - study

Okay then *sips tea*

This is according to a study conducted by South Korean researchers.

With just a quick glance at a man – a three second glance to be precise – a woman can determine what a man’s income is based on the way that he looks.

Wealthier men reportedly lead healthier lifestyles and diets thus exhibit a better skin tone and have a certain “look” in their eyes.

“Among men, facial attractiveness significantly predicted their household income. It has been suggested that development stability associated with social class can be conveyed by facial features,” read the study.

How the study was conducted

Female participants were given 152 pictures of men and asked to rate their attractiveness.

Based on how they rated the men, the researchers tied their responses to the “beauty premium” theory which basically leans towards “the idea that attractive people are more likely to command higher salaries”.

Previous studies have indicated that indeed, attractive people tend to benefit more in the workplace as opposed to those that are considered to be less attractive.

There however was an opposing study conducted last year that aimed to debunk this theory saying that attractive people don’t necessarily earn more than their “less attractive” counterparts.

The study was conducted by Seoul National University and Yonsei University and it was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Source: Daily Mail


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